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Author:www.modernclassic.cn  Transshipment:  Issue Date:2009-2-23

   Furniture maintenance

1.     All indoor furniture should not be used as outdoor furniture, they could not be put under the sun for long time.

2.     Outdoor furniture can be used as both indoor and outdoor.

3.     Chrome furniture should not be cleaned with wet towel, its better to put them in dry enviroment.

4.     Leather furniture should not be cleaned with wet towel, if it is dirty, you can use some special oil to clean it, it will look more shining and can be used for longer time.

5.     When you use fiberglass furniture, it is better to move with care to avoid scratching with some hard things, because figerglass is fragile,otherwise the painting will go away easily.

6.     Move glass furniture with care.

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